UI / UX Design

 Duskers (2016)

For Duskers I was directed to design an aesthetic that evoked the gritty, aged tech of 80s sci-fi films and early PCs.  As an additional fun challenge, the entire UI needed to be controlled via keyboard.

Extrasolar (2014)

Work on Extrasolar’s UI began very early while the game was still in the design phase.  As a web-based ARG you could say the UI essentially was the game.  This lead to many iterations and refinements throughout development.

Cogs (2009)

Cogs’ primary constraint was that the entire UI had to be built out of real, physical objects.  Nothing could fade in or disappear, which made for some fun transitions.

Overgrowth (2017)

Overgrowth is a game with Eastern themes and realistic edged-weapon combat.  I wanted the UI to reflect the dangerous nature of the game with hard edges and sharp corners.

LEGO instructions

While not a digital interface, an instruction manual for a construction toy is the essence of UX design.  Each step must be clear and consistent and not overwhelm the user to the point that they can’t continue.