Recent Happenings

First off, I was thrilled earlier this year to get to work on a guest Steam card for the most excellent Escape Goat 2.  Here it is in its glorious entirety, something that is sadly rather difficult to see in the Steam interface itself.


I’ve been somewhat enamored with the recent trend in papercraft-y, AO-shaded scenes being put out by folk like Timothy Reynolds, and wanted to do something in a similar style.  It’s very liberating being able to concentrate just on form and not have to worry about UVs or texturing.  I perhaps got a little carried away with the lighting.

Second up, I’ve been working with Tim Keenan on his new high-concept space scavenger rogue-like, Duskers.  I’ll likely be doing most of the art for this game so expect to see more from this in the future.  For now, here’s a sample of the kind of mock-up stuff I’ve been doing so far.


Tim wants the player to be constantly guessing, for their first impressions of an object to be any number of things, so I was trying to incorporate some organic forms into the machinery.

To finish up, a little personal something.  Actually this was a mock-up screen for a game with some tactical space combat that didn’t go anywhere.  It wasn’t a huge effort, but I had fun knocking it out and might expand on it in the future.  Would be fun to do a massive, 10,000 pixel wide scene with hundreds of ships and do a big print.