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I’m an experienced indie developer who has handled all aspects of the art production pipeline.  I have a high personal standard when it comes to visual quality, as should be evidenced by the games I’ve worked on.

Overgrowth by Wolfire Games – Senior Environment Artist and UI Artist (2016-2017)
– Took a lead role on a team of environment artists, collaborating on 13+ levels for the game’s main campaign.
– Worked with project leads to develop story and gameplay for campaign.
– Created in-game assets and updated 8+ year old assets to modern game standards.
– Developed look of game’s menus and created mock-up screens for engineering team.

Duskers by Misfits Attic – Lead Artist (2014-2016)
– Sole artist for majority of game’s development.
– Created extensive 3D asset library for randomly generated derelict ship interiors.
– Modeled / animated all in-game enemies and player characters.
– Developed look for an “80s sci-fi” interface and built all UI screens and elements in Unity.

Extrasolar by Lazy 8 Studios – Lead Artist (2011-2015)
– Sole artist for majority of game’s development.
– Created a scientifically plausible alien world from the ground up in a custom engine.
– Created terrain and procedurally generated plant life, geology, and sky gradients.
– Modeled and textured key 3D story assets.
– Designed layouts and created assets for extensive web based user interface.
– Edited live action video content and motion graphics for game’s story.

Bioshock Infinite: Industrial Revolution by Lazy 8 Studios – Lead Artist (2011-2012)
– Integrated and animated assets from Irrational’s art team in Flash
– Created additional 2D assets in matching art style and integrated

Natural Selection 2 by Unknown Worlds Entertainment – Environment Artist and Effects Artist (2010-2011)
– Contributed extensively to UX for game’s developer tools.
– Developed several of the game’s earlier levels from greybox to final product.
– Created majority of game’s pre-launch particle effects.

Cogs by Lazy 8 Studios – Lead Artist (2008-2010)
– Sole contributing artist.
– Modeled and textured 3D assets for mechanical puzzles.
– Designed, modeled, textured, and animated a fully 3D UI.


Often I am the sole artist on the teams I work with.  At any one time my tasks might include 3D modeling and texturing, animation, 2D asset production and animation, UI/UX design, graphic design, motion graphics, video production, audio production, scripting, effects work — you name it.  I’ve worked with in-house tools for most of my career and can adapt quickly to whatever needs might be called for, and while I don’t call myself a programmer I know the ropes well enough to be comfortable pulling up and editing other people’s code.  I don’t just produce good art, I understand how games work under the hood and what makes the difference between a good game and a bad.

When not making games I enjoy the outdoors, playing music, and making stupidly large and / or intricate things out of LEGOs.

Current software expertise: Maya, Photoshop, Unity, Mudbox / Substance / 3D Coat, World Creator, Adobe Animate, Adobe Premiere, and many others.

Contact me below for work, mentoring, or any other inquiries.

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